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Victory Grips X2

X2 variant:

  • Ladies or men’s model
  • Without finger holes, for 3 fingers or 3 fingers + extended coverage

Properties X2 aka. Comfortable hand protection:

  • Optimum hold
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking
  • Synthetic material – no lending or stretching
  • Extra thin 1.7 mm (predecessor 2.2 mm)
  • Extra cushioning
  • Extra comfort
  • Extra protection
  • Washable & vegan

Victory Grips Tactical

Tactical variants:

  • Ladies or men’s model
  • Without finger holes, for 3 fingers or 4 fingers

Features Tactical aka. Premium Handguard:

  • Maximum hold thanks to high-performance rubber polymer
  • Chalk or magnesia is optional and not required
  • Perfect grip even on slippery poles
  • Kevlar layer for extra robustness
  • Very thin 1.3 mm)
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking
  • Synthetic material – no lending or stretching
  • Washable & vegan
  • No slipping, even on powder-coated poles

About Victory Grips

To the story:

The Victory Grips are the result of probably the most intensive research into the needs and behavior of functional fitness athletes of all levels. Through a collaboration with various athletes, in which the handguard was tested with high volume and intensity in training and competition, the most innovative handguard design ever was created, which Victory Grips in the United States Patent and Trademark Office also < strong>patented.

The design idea:

The design focus was on performance, protection and durability. They also made it possible to create various custom designs. Another extraordinary feature of the grips: Victory Grips is the only manufacturer that specifically divides handguards into men’s and women’s fits. This is because women’s hands are usually narrower and therefore require a slightly different cut to guarantee the perfect fit.

The goal of Victory Grips:

The goal of Victory Grips is to produce the best hand protection in the world. That’s why they constantly work to maximize performance – just like the athletes use the Victory Grips.

The innovative concept, the design and the extraordinary materials of Victory Grips guarantee that you will find the optimal hand protection for you. To ensure the outstanding quality, the Victory Grips are 100% handmade in the USA.

With your purchase you support the livelihood of families in Iowa and Georgia who really do everything to make you the best hand protection for your workout.

“I am driven to constantly push and innovate for the athletes that depend on our product.”

– Victor Pellegrino, Owner & President


  • Marcus Filly
  • Kari Pearce
  • Scott Panchik
  • Emily Bridgers
  • Travis Mayer and many more.

To craft:

Victory Grips is the hand protection with probably the highest quality manufacture. If you’re a competitive athlete looking to maximize your performance, or just a beginner who’s tired of chapped hands and cheap handguards that look like they’ve been put through a meat grinder after 2 weeks – then Victory Grips is your answer !

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