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To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

The status explained

Offer: We have made you an offer and are waiting for the payment to be received.

Processing: Your order has arrived and has been marked as paid. If your items are in stock, they go straight to shipping. Please note the specified delivery time for special orders, products with longer delivery times or custom-made products.

Completed: Your order has been completed and shipped. You should get it soon or you have already received it.

Shipping preparation: Your order is being prepared for shipping and will soon be on its way to you.

Delivery backlog: As stated when purchasing, your order is current. Out of Stock. We expect subsequent delivery and will send you your order within the specified delivery time.

Manufactory PLANNED: Your order is planned in our manufacture and will be produced soon.

Manufactory IN PRODUCTION: Your order is in the manufactory and is currently being produced.

Payment pending: Your order is entered at and, but we are still awaiting your payment for further processing of the order.

Pending payment CONTACT: We have received your order, but we are still awaiting your payment for further processing of the order. After we haven’t heard from you for a while, we have already sent you an email about it. If we do not receive any feedback from you within the next few days, we will unfortunately have to cancel the order.

Special order: Your special order is planned in and will soon be configured for you.

Special order ORDERED: Special order has been configured for you and is on its way to us – you will soon receive your order.

Waiting: Your order has been entered at and, but we are still awaiting your payment for further processing of the order.

Canceled / Aborted: At your request, for technical reasons or due to the lack of payment, the order was canceled.

Partial shipment: As stated, unfortunately not all products from your order were available for immediate delivery. So that you can still get your products as quickly as possible, we have already sent you a part and as soon as the rest is available you will receive all other products.

Refunded: At your request or for technical reasons, the order was refunded.


Where can I enter my voucher?

You can enter the voucher code in the top right corner of the filled shopping cart: to the shopping cart.


Simply use our digital return form to process your return quickly.

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