Common Double Unders Mistakes

Enough with annoying double unders problems! On this page we show you the most common mistakes and good tips.

What are double unders?

Double unders (also double rope jumps) is a possibility to make rope skipping more challenging and intense. While in normal skipping, the rope is pulled under the feet once for each jump, the athlete accelerates the skipping rope so quickly that it passes the feet twice—two rope swings per jump.

Having trouble jumping double unders?

You keep hitting that thing like a whip against your feet, arms and face, or your forearms and shoulders burn like kerosene after a short time?!

Then get the monkey know-how and jump double unders in training and workouts like a muscular unicorn.

1. No more whipping!

Stop massacring yourself with your own skipping rope – your skipping rope is your friend.

1. Relax:

Keep your skipping rope grips loose in your hand, your upper arms close to your body and your forearms slightly in front of your body.

2. You are not a helicopter:

Rotate your wrists, not your arms, to accelerate your jump rope.

3. Calm & jump straight:

Jump up when the rope is at your shin level on the descent. But don’t throw your legs around randomly like you do with the Augsburger-Puppenkiste, but keep legs + feet under you at all times.

4. Line too long:

Of course, the length of the rope is also important, because a long rope has too much contact with the ground when jumping… and your whip is born. That’s why you enter our RX Jump Rope just enter your height including shoes and a formula will do the rest.

2. Burning shoulders

1. Relax while jumping:

Just relax! Many athletes tend to cramp when jumping, and muscles never like that. Just think something nice (like the monkey eating a banana) or just grin to relax. Sounds stupid, but there’s a lot to it.

2. Wrists not shoulders:

If your shoulders are burning, you’re doing too much with your shoulders. Keep your shoulders relaxed and your elbows close to your body. You accelerate your rope only with your wrists.

3. Think about your rope strength:

A thick rope is ideal for the beginning because of the good feedback, but once you master your skipping rope, you can save yourself the additional strain. So think about it in good time for a saved-href=””>thinner rope to change.

1000 reps jump rope workout for badass abs

2 rounds

100 jump ropes
25 stationary bicycle crunches
100 jump ropes
25 Alternating Thread the Needle
100 jump ropes
25 Alternating Jack Knives
100 jump ropes
25 high low plank

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