Theragun Massagegun

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Relieves your muscle tension in a targeted, easy and efficient way
Unmatched power at minimum volume
For recovery, pain treatment and performance increase
Bluetooth enabled with recovery app
2 years Warranty
More about the product
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Delivery time: 2-3 Days

Product description

Theragun (aka MONKEY GUN*) – 4th Generation

Works exactly on your muscle problems:

The Theragun stands for the percussive therapy concept and is therefore as individual as your problem. The Theragun uses the perfect triad of amplitude, frequency and torque to speak to your body in a language it understands. You can use it to treat chronic back pain or Treat neck complaints (stiff neck) and treat trigger points and muscle nodules. You can also use it to positively influence scar tissue and stimulate blood flow in your veins. It can also increase your flexibility / mobility, relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, loosen muscles, fight tension after accidents or specifically carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow or treat golfer’s elbow. Among other things, this can finally improve your sleep quality again because you are simply more relaxed 😃. Do you have problems in your lower back, neck, calves, knees, legs, forearms, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists… (you know your problems better than anyone)? The up to 6 different attachments help you to always find the right approach for the respective problem area. Get the Theragun, break the cycle and end your troubles now!

How do I optimize my training and every competition?

By specifically warming up your necessary muscle groups and improving your mobility you will probably get your best training success and increase your performance. Use your Theragun z. B. to treat your heavy legs or relax your muscle groups in competition. It doesn’t matter what level you are as an athlete… with your Theragun you can get to the next level.

Help yourself:

Probably this next-generation massager is the best self-help for you. With the high-speed movement of the vibration therapy, you relieve your muscle tension in a targeted, easy and efficient way. And you also treat the associated muscle pain. With several different levels, you can adjust the intensity according to your needs and well-being and eliminate one problem at a time. To do this, you simply stay on your problem / muscle group for about 30 to 60 seconds and gradually work your way through your area of ​​application. You’ll feel physically better – and that’s incredibly important. In addition, the ergonomic design allows you to use it in a relaxed and effortless way.

Light as a feather, mega battery:

With the goal of declaring war on all muscle pain and giving people more joy in everyday life again, the Theragun has more than replaced the kitchen blender as everyday hero. The wireless operation (logical), the feather-light weight and a comfortable / secure grip speak for themselves. Also, the Theragun is really quiet (50% quieter than its predecessors). You can throw yourself on the couch with the Theragun and treat yourself while watching Netflix without any problems. When you’re on the go, just pack it in your bag or backpack and you’ll have your own self-massage tool with you wherever you go. What more could you want…

Bluetooth + Free App:

Theragun launches the 4th generation Smart Percussive Therapy™! The PRO, ELITE and PRIME are Bluetooth-enabled and you can easily play your recovery program via the free Theragun app. Additionally, Theragun and GOWOD have teamed up to bring you the ultimate mobility program offer!⁠ GOWOD users can now add specific Theragun protocols to their routines. These contain video instructions as well as information about, among other things, which attachment, which grip, which pressure and how long you should use.⁠ Whether you want to become more mobile, do a new PR or create your first pullup – GOWOD and Theragun support you!⁠ 👉 Simply activate the “I use a Theragun” feature in the GOWOD app!

WARNING: not only helps athletes:

Maybe you’re not a blatant athlete, but you still fight your way through your workday every day until you’re totally tense. Then Die Theragun ist ein absoluter Game Changer![/nm_testimonial]

theragun test vergleich unabhängig
“Seitdem ich die Theragun G3 im Einsatz habe, verstauben meine Faszienrollen und EMS-Geräte. Kein lästiges Verkabeln, kein stundenlanges Herumkriechen auf dem Boden – man schaltet das Gerät ein und legt einfach los. Egal ob spontan für eine kleine Verspannung, oder als ausgiebige Erholungseinheit nach einem Lauf. Bei mir ist sie fast täglich in Gebrauch und das wird sich so schnell sicher nicht ändern. Ich bin begeistert.”
Thomas Pier, Harle Runner

PRO - the high-end model

✓  Unsurpassed power (28kg force!) at minimum volume (QuietForce Technology TM)
OLED display
Adjustable arm
16mm amplitude – 60% deeper than other devices
Customizable speed ranges (1750-2400 PPMs)
Bluetooth enabled (Smart Percussive Therapy™) with recovery app
3 app-controlled preset routines (individually expandable)
2 replaceable lithium-ion batteries (each 150min running time)
2 years Warranty

ELITE - best value for money

✓  Unsurpassed power (18kg force!) at minimum volume (QuietForce Technology TM)
OLED display
16mm amplitude – 60% deeper than other devices
Customizable speed ranges (1750-2400 PPMs)
Bluetooth enabled (Smart Percussive Therapy™) with recovery app
3 app-controlled preset routines (individually expandable)
Internal lithium-ion battery (120 minutes)
2 years Warranty

PRIME - the basic variant

✓  Mega power (13kg power!) at minimum volume (QuietForce Technology TM)
16mm amplitude – 60% deeper than other devices
5 speed range with adjustable speed
Bluetooth enabled (Smart Percussive Therapy™) with recovery app
App controlled Routines
Internal lithium-ion battery (120 minutes)
2 years Warranty

MINI - always mobile with you

✓  Mega power (10kg power!) at minimum volume (QuietForce Technology TM)
Compact, portable design
12mm amplitude
3 Speed Settings (1750-2400 PPMs)
Internal lithium-ion battery (150 minutes)
2 years Warranty

Where can you see the Theragun in Germany?

Natalie Ismail
Berlin, EVOPE Sports & Nutrition

Lisa Marie Schweizer
Karlsruhe, German Champion

Teresa Meyer
Bremen, CrossFit Nordlicht

Eric Mühle

Berlin, sports photographer

Lina Schlieter
Munich, fittest teen GER 17/18

Felix Leistikow
Berlin, policeman

Christian Koch
Berlin, runners and testers


TYPE I – You are a wreck at work

You always take work-related tension home with you because you mostly sit in front of a computer or have a physically demanding job. You also do a lot of sport to compensate, but a little relaxation would not be bad. Pat your neck soft again or your legs fresh again with the basic version! Wellness at home 💆‍♀️.

The PRIME is really made for everyone – professional treatments now at a fair price!

TYPE II – You are an ambitious athlete

You are an ambitious athlete and do a lot of sport. To be fit for every training session, you already use a few other recovery tools and want to take your arsenal to a new level. You also take part in competitions and need something that quickly relaxes you after a hard effort and prepares you for the next load… 🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♂️

Get more out of your recovery and thus out of your performance with the ELITE!


TYPE III – You want the high-end solution

For you, sport is one of the most important parts of your life. You’re a pro athleteor at least train like one 😎.

Perhaps you also want to use the Theragun professionally as a physiotherapist to expand your range of services. That’s why you need a high-end solution for you and your customers.

It is worth this investment to you to really get the best possible product with the PRO! 🚀

>TYPE IV – You travel a lot

Due to your work, you are always on the road a lot – for example you sit in the car a lot – and could often use up a short massage in between. You can simply put the MINI in the glove compartment of your car or in your handbag and you always have your relaxation with you 💆‍♀️.


The MINI is really a mega addition – professional treatments always mobile with you!

TheraGun App

Get your TheraGun app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Affe Zitat
“Ihihich kaaahaahaannn gaaharnihihicchht meeeherrrr dahaaamiiiit aufffffhööhörrrrreeeen!”
Your favorite monkey, Affen-Conclusion
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