Airofit® Breathing Trainer PRO


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Strengthens your respiratory muscles – more endurance
Increases your available lung capacity
More comfortable in the high performance range (increases anaerobic threshold)
Fast regeneration through better oxygen supply to your muscles
world’s first personal, data-driven breathing coach(coaching app(/Bluetooth)
👨‍🔬 5-10 minutes training a day is enough
More about the product
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Delivery time: 2-3 Days

Product description

Airofit PRO (New version with 160% battery life and improved hardware)

Increase performance:

With Airofit you train your respiratory muscles (through resistance when inhaling and exhaling). To be more precise, your respiratory strength, your vital lung capacity, your anaerobic threshold and other areas of breathing. Sounds pretty crazy – in short: your respiratory muscles are getting stronger, faster and more efficient – ok it’s crazy 😎.

How do you use Airofit?

Airofit is a breathing trainer that is designed to be used separately from “normal” training. Just do the program for 5-10 minutes a day and you will feel an increase! It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the morning, at work, before/after training – incorporate it into your day as it suits you and make it a routine!

The Smart Breath Trainer:

Airofit is not a run-of-the-mill breathing training device – it is a high-tech training device and a virtual coach at the same time. You can easily connect your Airofit to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The interactive app (for 👉 iOS and 👉 Andriod< /span>) then guides you through your session in real-time. You will be provided with various training programs, which you can then complete according to your level of difficulty. Best of all: the whole is visualized so that you feel like you’re playing a game on your smartphone 😁.

Who is Airofit for?

Whether for your cross training WODs, for running, swimming,… – EVERYBODY can benefit from training their respiratory muscles! Using Airofit can even help in the treatment of asthma symptoms.


What does a breathing trainer do?

Roughly speaking, the more oxygen your body absorbs, the longer you can exert yourself without having to take a break because you tire. This means that when you breathe in, you take in oxygen, which is then transported to the necessary places in the body to generate energy. It is precisely this process of oxygen utilization that can be improved through targeted training. This is not a theoretical consideration either, but Scientists have found evidence through experiments that the respiratory muscles can be trained in a targeted manner. Of course, by breathing more efficiently, the respiratory muscles also use less energy – and that’s what it’s all about.

When and how to use the lung trainer?

Airofit is designed to be used separately from other physical activities. That means you can use Airofit whenever you have a free minute – before bed, at work, after the gym session or whenever it suits you best.
The training is completed together with the smartphone. The app will guide you through your training session and give you live feedback and data visualization.

How does the Airofit work?

The Airofit breathing trainer contains adjustable resistance wheels that restrict airflow. The resistance creates fatigue in your breathing muscles. This creates muscle growth, which makes the respiratory muscles stronger, faster and more efficient.

Airofit connects to its smartphone app, which gives you live feedback and allows you to track your progress. The mobile app consists of different training programs that cover different training areas of the respiratory muscles.

How often should I use Airofit?

We recommend that you start with 2x 5 minutes a day. You should then slowly work your way up to 2x 10 minutes if possible, as we have found this to be the optimal training period for progress.
Finally, your breathing muscles are another of your muscle groups. So you should listen to your body and if the training gets too intense, just take a break.

How do I clean the Airofit?

ALWAYS REMOVE THE E-UNIT BEFORE CLEANING. This is the electronic part of the device that needs to be charged. It should never get wet 😉.

We recommend cleaning the Airofit with warm tap water after each training session. Then simply shake off the water, blow through the device again briefly, dry with a cloth and then wait until it is completely dry.

Does the app also work offline?

Yes it does! 😊

Will new training programs be added?

Yes! The app and content is constantly evolving, and new training sessions and programs are always being added!

Everything about the Airofit in the video:

CrossFit Games Athlet Frederik Aegidius
“Airofit bedeutet, dass ich mich härter und weiter pushen kann als je zuvor.”
Frederik Aegidius, 4x CrossFit Games Competitor

Science and research on Airofit

AMBU International conducted a clinical study looking at the effect of Airofit on performance. The study was based on expiratory and inspiratory resistance training (i.e. resistance during inhalation and exhalation). The effect on participants’ performance was assessed using a standard Cooper Running Test before and after 2 months of resistance training. 68 participants were divided into 3 groups, which completed 8 weeks of respiratory resistance training at different resistance levels.

Group 1 was the control group, which trained with no real resistance (0.5%). Group 2 trained at 33% resistance, and Group 3 did the hardest task at 50% resistance. Results showed that Group 1 improved performance by 0.5%. Group 2 improved by 8% and Group 3 improved performance by as much as 15%. This shows that the higher the training intensity with the Airofit, the better the breathing and thus the performance.

Studie zu Airofit Atemtrainer
Airofit App für Training der Atemmuskulatur

Airfit App

The Airofit allows you to test your current lung function in less than a minute. The evaluation of the information from the test combined with your age, gender, height and weight then leads to a training program that is optimized for you. The app tracks your breathing, guides you through your training session and shows you exactly what you need to do via live feedback. All training sessions used in the app have been created and tested by experts.

Airofit PRO tested by Harle Runner:

theragun test vergleich unabhängig
“Nach jetzt gut sechs Wochen regelmäßigen Trainings mit dem Airofit PRO meine ich schon festzustellen, dass es mir bei harten Intervallen deutlich leichter fällt, kräftig einzuatmen. Auch und gerade an der Leistungsgrenze. Ich bilde mir ein, dass meine Lunge einfach mehr Kraft hat und somit die Luft müheloser einholen kann. Vielleicht spielt da auch das genutzte Lungenvolumen eine Rolle. 
Dein Lieblingsaffe, Affen-Fazit
Atemtrainer für Sportler

Airofit® breathing trainer Active

129,-  incl. 19% VAT.

✓  Simplified version of Airofit PRO
App guidedtraining (no bluetooth)
Like PRO: Increases your available lung capacity
Like PRO: More comfortable in the high performance range (increases anaerobic threshold)
Like PRO: Fast recovery through better oxygenation of your muscles
Like PRO: Strengthens your respiratory muscles – more endurance
Affe Zitat
“Better breathing = more air = more burpees 😎 
Your Favorite Monkey, Monkey Conclusion

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