2POOD Belts in many colors

Not for nothing was Rich Froning the first sponsored athlete of 2POOD alongside the USA Weightlifting National Team, Jacob Heppner, Marcus Filly and many more… 


2POOD® is a U.S. Lifestyle brand that produce the best equipment for the functional fitness community. 2POOD® has been one of the “original” WOD brands since 2009 – so the first sponsored athlete was none other than Rich Froning, Jr. in 2010. But 2POOD® also supplies the perfect belts for Olympic weightlifting professionals – that’s why 2POOD® also official weightlifting belt supplier to the USA Weightlifting National Team!

Whether it’s powerlifting (deadlifts, squats), Olympic weightlifting (clean & jerk, snatch) or cross training – the 2POOD® belts give you 110% security and a mega style!

Some of the 2POOD® Pro Athletes are Mattie Rodgers, CJ Cummings, Amanda Barnhart, Jacob Heppner, Chyna Cho, Nick Urankar, Marcus Filly,…

Weightlifting Belt
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